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Is Conference Calling a Suitable Substitute For Actual Meetings?

Is Conference Calling a Suitable Substitute For Actual Meetings?

While meetings are a necessary part of any company, it can be tricky to organise all members of staff in order to create the meeting – can ConCall help you?

There are many times when meetings need to be held in companies – whether they are simple catch-up meetings with certain teams or major meetings that will decide the future of the company, it’s a necessary part of business. ConCall can offer a service that should assist companies with problems just like this one.

The major perquisite offered by ConCall is of course that there is no need for all members of staff to be present at the time of the meeting. There are hidden benefits too though – firstly meetings can be arranged at the touch of a button and with very little warning. Provided all participants have instant access to their email account, everyone can dial in to the conference call.

Looking at the way most businesses are conducted these days, there are a large number of companies who have a variety of bases, therefore are likely to have managers and members of staff who need to communicate remotely, but regularly. The ability to do this over the telephone allows for companies to cut the costs of travel – supplying employees with not only a car but the fuel to power the car can stack up and leave the company feeling somewhat out of pocket.

This is only the most obvious reason that conference calling systems can benefit a company: why not take into account those members of staff who would benefit from working from home? As well as those who have to work from home unexpectedly. The latter could be for any number of reasons; travel delays, weather problems, vehicle problems and so on – all of which can be out of the control of the employee.

It is precisely this sort scenario that can scupper the best laid plans of companies. While every company will take into account the basic fact that there is time that will go to waste, that is natural and unavoidable, there are no two ways of looking at the fact that this is frustrating. By introducing the conference calling system the possibility of not having to write a day off as wasted thanks to an unforeseen circumstance, is less likely.

This is obviously always a positive for any company and it most situations will suffice for the discussions that need to be had. It will never be perfect, there will always be flaws that are best dealt with in person but in the odd circumstance conference calling can make a massive difference to a company’s ability to communicate.

If you think your company could benefit from the services of ConCall why not contact them directly. There are a number of different options, including a premium account which provides a more enhanced set of services. Click here for more information.