Dial in Number

UK Landline : 0844 693 8000

International : 44 203 472 8000

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call

The business world is becoming more and more fragmented as the internet allows for people to work from isolated locations but join together in order to produce a cohesive business idea and create the end product. However there can be bumps in the road with the internet, it is liable to lapse in service or break the relationship with computers and then communication comes screeching to a halt.

In this instance it is far more reliable for businesspeople to communicate through the telephone – it is well established now and is unlikely to suddenly stop working but you are limited to two people on the line at any one time. Not anymore. By using ConCall you can speak with as many people as you need to, simultaneously.

One person sets up the call and is the “administrator” of the group, they receive an email from ConCall which provides a pin number and the administrator can forward that email to all participants. The pin is just the access code into that conference and only those with the pin can take part in the call.

ConCall provides different levels of service so if for instant you want a meeting with a group of people but do not want all of them to be able to contribute to the call, so listen rather than talk, you can upgrade your service to Premium Call or Premium+ and receive these services. In addition to this you can also have the function of removing people from the call at any point during the conference – potentially brutal but also a useful function to have so that the administrator doesn’t have to start all over again.

In order to receive the services of ConCall and eliminate pesky internet problems that disrupt the whole meeting, visit our home page.