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Flexible Working and the Conference Call System

Flexible Working and the Conference Call System

Thanks to many people’s busy lives, flexible working hours or remote working is becoming increasingly popular and conference calling can assist HR with this.

It has been reported that 79% of people would choose a job which offers flexible working hours over one that does not. This ties in with the statistics that 73% of employers believe that it reduces the stress levels in their employees with 74% reporting that it increases staff retention.

While flexible working hours and remote working allows the employees to complete their work duties around their children – for example – it can be a nightmare for those working in the human resources department. This is where technology takes a lead, the implementation of a variety of products and services can help make HR and everybody’s job infinitely easier.

Smart phones and cloud storage allows for staff to access important information literally wherever they are so if they have an unexpected day away from the office they are still able to complete their tasks, it is no longer a “wasted” day (business-wise). This also of course means that companies are more likely to get the perfect candidate for the position – it may well be that someone living in Cumbria is perfect for a role in central London but is unwilling to move: technology allows for this person to fulfil the role.

Conference calling is one medium that is brilliant for just this type of scenario. Many companies offer smart phones to their employees so that they are able to contact clients and colleagues at the touch of a button, but conference calling moves this to another level.

The ability to hold a meeting remotely is something that many people are envious of, particularly companies that operate on a global basis. Being able to pick up the phone and dial in a number of different people means levels of communication are improved. Particularly if the person in question being absent from the office is the leader of a group, it can be difficult to pass on accurate information – conference calling allows for this when emails can perhaps leave the message open for interpretation.

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