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Do You Need The Enhanced Benefits Of Higher Level Conference Calling?

Do You Need The Enhanced Benefits Of Higher Level Conference Calling?

There are many conference calling websites that advertise the opportunity to make life easier by enlisting the services of a conference calling system in order to hold your meetings. The catch however comes when they offer you services that are designed to get you to pay a fee for their more comprehensive levels of cover: but what do these really offer customers?

Most commonly you will find that there is a basic service offered by conference calling websites but there is also the option to extend that service so that you can reap the benefits of a greater level of service. The question is though, how much will these services actually benefit the company? Is there any need for a greater level of conference calling beyond the basic ability to hold a meeting without having to be in the same location?

Well, as one might expect, the answer is that it depends on what kind of service you need when you hold conference calls. Most commonly these additional benefits allow for more people to join the call, the call to be recorded and for a series of other managerial options to be accessed such as muting certain members of the conference.

While these functions may prove to be very helpful in some circumstances – recording the call for instance as a form of confirmation on topics that have been agreed upon during the call. The ability to mute a participant or to prevent them from hearing a certain part of the conversation may benefit you too as it allows for private discussions as well as public ones.

The main additional function that is advertised however comes in the form of being able to add as many member to the call as possible. It has to be questioned how beneficial this really is to the customer – if you have a company with more than any reasonable, double-figure number of employees then the need for conference calling would become redundant. There is no way that more than maybe 30 people could participate comfortably in a conference call as establishing an order becomes more difficult with more people. Therefore increasing that to an unlimited number could descend into chaos.

The options are there though and every company is different, it may be that the unlimited number of participants allows for instructions to be given on a large scale very efficiently.

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