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Conference Calling

The world now revolves around communication; human beings spend most of their time with communicating or striving to receive acceptance in the world through some form or other, but it works slightly differently in the business sphere. Companies cannot function without communication, that is a given, but it is yet to be completely seamless. This is where conference calling enters the scene. The benefits that companies can see as a result of introducing a conference call system into their offices are limitless.

Reduce Business Expenditure

Cut Expenses ConCall

Often companies expel a large amount of money on travel – be it through company cars or simply the costs incurred with transporting a number of people to on location. Conference calling and its unique, secure structure allows for all the participants to dial into one phone call and enter into a meeting remotely. There may be times that meetings still need to be held in person but conference calling closes the gap between colleagues.

Build Your Network

To start with, look at the era we are currently in. The fashion is very much to work remotely as the cost cutting options open to companies who encourage their employees to work from home are huge; there is no monthly expenditure for office space and all of the utility costs that go along with that. By installing and encouraging the use of a conference call system you essentially establish an internal telephone system that allow employees to communicate on a network. This is extremely beneficial to companies – while there may well be benefits to working remotely, communication is paramount in a company and picking up the phone to speak with a colleague is infinitely easier than writing an email.

Be Green

Regardless of the industry a business operates in, there is always pressure for them to demonstrate a commitment to being ‘green’. Using conference calling can reduce the amount of time your staff have to spend travelling and therefore the company’s requirement to offer company cars, for example, will be reduced.

Don’t Rely on Technology

Emails are liable to be misunderstood, particularly if one person is instructing. It may be either a group or an individual but rather than explaining via email where things need to be altered, a conference call allows for instant clarity. Particularly in relation to instructional scenarios, often written instructions are misinterpreted and verbal communication explains and confirms information much quicker.
Relying on internet based alternatives can be useful and cost effective but this also relies heavily on both device and internet access. As many conference calls are made from a company mobile phone, the internet medium eliminates all phones without Smart capability, not to mention network errors and exceeding data usage.